Calls for Proposals

Calls for Proposals

Four calls for research proposals have been launched in the first round (2010 Calls) in July 2009 to implement the Green Cars Initiative, with an overall budget of around € 100 million. These all focus on the electrification of road transport. The best proposals will be selected and receive EC grants for their research into electric vehicles, infrastructure, electric batteries and hybrid technologies.

In the second round (2011 Calls) to be published in July 2010, the topics for projects to be funded will broaden on the other areas of the Green Cars Initiative, such as research into trucks, internal combustion engines, logistics, and intelligent transport systems.

The following topics have been announced for the 2011 calls

(a) Joint NMP, Transport and Environment Call

GC.NMP.2011-1 Advanced eco-design and manufacturing processes for batteries and electrical components
(see also GC.ENV.2011.3.1.3-1, GC.SST.2011.7.7)
GC.ENV.2011.3.1.3-2 Operational guidance for Life Cycle Assessment studies of the European Green Cars Initiative

(b) Sustainable Surface Transport (SST) sub-theme of Transport theme

GC.SST.2011.7-1 Specific safety issues of electric vehicles
GC.SST.2011.7-2 Integrated thermal management
GC.SST.2011.7-3 Efficient long distance transport – waste heat recovery
GC.SST.2011.7-4 Urban- interurban shipments
GC.SST.2011.7-5 Integrated intermodal traveller services
GC.SST.2011.7-6 Capability of improving and exploiting capacity
GC.SST.2011.7-8 ERA-Net Plus ‘Electromobility’
GC.SST.2011.7-9 Efficient long distance transport – future power train concepts
GC.SST.2011.7-10 Architectures for Light Duty Vehicles for urban freight transport
GC.SST.2011.7-11 E-freight solutions and supply chain management

(c) Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) theme

GC-ICT-2011.6.8 ICT for the fully electric vehicle
(covering 2011 and 2012)

Tentative budget: 100 Mio. EUR.

Deadline for submission of proposals: 2 Dec 2010.

For the latest information on current, upcoming and past calls visit our specific area: FP7 Calls

Calls will be published on the European Commission’s portal for research, CORDIS: