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Roadmap Electrification of Road Transport

Starting from a general consideration of the potential benefits of the electric vehicle a definition of milestones for the next ten years is made that indicates what action ought to be taken in order to ensure the required efforts are made in a well-timed and balanced manner. This joint report by the European Technology Platforms ERTRAC, EPoSS and SmartGrids is meant to stimulate the debate about the multi-annual implementation of the European Green Cars Initiative.

European Commission’s and Member States R&D Programmes for the Electric Vehicle
Report on an Expert Workshop held on 26 June 2009 in Brussels by the European Commission, seeking to understand the landscape of ongoing initiatives at national levels in Europe related to development of fully electric vehicles and the required infrastructure.

Batteries and Storage Systems for the Full Electric Vehicle
Report on Joint EC/EPoSS/ERTRAC Expert Workshop held on 19 June 2009.

ERTRAC/EPoSS Strategy Paper Electrification
From the expertise and knowledge of their members, ERTRAC and EPoSS have collated the research priorities in all fields related to “Electrification of Urban Mobility and Transport” and derived a common strategy for joint actions of the involved stakeholder from both public and private sides

Recommendations of the European Green Cars Initiative Ad-Hoc Industrial Advisory Group for a EU Strategy on Clean and Energy Efficient Vehicles
Position paper as input to the European Commissions consultations for the establishment of a European strategy on clean and energy efficient vehicles.

Electrification Roadmap